Structured Guidance

At times, business owners need a trusted partner with outside expertise to help their companies thrive. This is often the case when a business owner is a specialist in their industry, and they prefer to focus on the company’s actual work than tactical corporate strategies. With Guidance Planning, you’ll develop a comprehensive, functioning business model that eliminates structural gaps and bottlenecks while freeing up your time for day-to-day management. You will learn how to maximize resources—which include your staff’s time and talent—to reach your full business potential. We provide step-by-step recommendations for improved results as we get to know your team and their tasks, as well as your business structure and support services. You can think of it like having a coach or consultant on hand to review your current business plan, daily operations, and growth strategies. We can help you build out business ideas, weed out potential weaknesses, and plan for a stronger future. Choose from sessions lasting either 8 or 10 weeks.