Tax Coaching in Fort Lauderdale

Are paying too much in taxes?

With the huge debt that the government has run up and the ever increasing size of the government, it's no secret that those in Washington DC will be looking for ways to make us all pay for it. The most likely source of course is raising taxes. That can be via a straight up increase in the rate or the more backhanded trick of reducing the deductions they allow you (which has the exact same effect.)

Are you sure you are taking advantage of all the legal ways to reduce your tax bill?
Many accountants do a fine job filling in forms and recording historical tax data on the forms. We offer you proactive tax planning to help you implement all the legal tax reducing strategies available. Isn't your situation worth a second opinion?

Which of These Tax Mistakes Are You Making?

  • Wrong business entity?
  • Wrong retirement plan?
  • Missing medical benefits?
  • Missing family employment?
  • Missing home office?
  • Missing car/truck deductions?
  • Missing meals/entertainment

Let our planning service save you from these mistakes and more.
The secret to beating the IRS is planning. Proper planning can lower your taxes without red flags, gray areas or overly aggressive positions.
It doesn't matter how good your tax preparer is on April 15th with a stack of prior year receipts. The best tax saving concepts have to be put into place prior to the end of the tax year to be used. By April 15th, it's too late. You have to act now!
When was the last time your tax professional came to you and said "Here's an idea that will save you money?"
Our tax planning and tax coaching services will give you the plan you need now to save money this year and for years to come. But you have to act prior to December 31st.
Don't let another year of wasted money go by, call or email us today for your complimentary tax analysis.