Payroll Services

With numerous state and federal laws regulating what payroll information you have to track, making a mistake can be easy. Unfortunately, it can also be costly.

We don’t believe in seeing good businesses suffer because people make small mistakes. But it’s not simple to keep up with all of the regulations and reporting that are necessary for payroll. Thankfully, you have Sawyer & Latimer to prevent mishaps from becoming migraines–and free up more time for you and your staff by taking payroll services off your hands.

Ensure that your paperwork is correct, and your employees (and payroll taxes) are paid on time, with payroll management services from Sawyer & Latimer.

Trusting our accountants to manage your payroll will:

  • Help you avoid penalties during tax season
  • Save you time on payroll processing 
  • Keep your staff satisfied and paid
  • Give you with accurate documentation of your payroll
  • Provide peace of mind that payroll will always be taken care of: accurately and on time